Tuesday, 4 June 2013


2013 Race Season As 2012 turned to 2013 the downhill season was getting closer by the day, being my first competitive year in the sport I wasn’t 100% sure on what was coming my way, however was very excited. So the first race on the calendar was the 661 Mini Downhill at The Forest of Dean (FOD), the track was corkscrew and as per usual it was a great turn out. With just over 300 riders turning up on the day it was all set out to be a great day racing. As it being the biggest race I had been to at the time I was very excited but also extremely nervous, practise went well and I felt good on the track, however with the long push up to the top after every run, it was very tiring!

 Practise finished and race runs were just around the corner, I left the car giving my self plenty of time to get to the start for my first timed run and so I did, with the times delayed I was made to wait for a fair while which only added to my nerves! My number was called and I footed myself to the starting platform, then taking my place and waiting for the final beep! I was off, pedalling as hard as I could and just trying to get a clean run in so that the whole day wasn’t a waste and I managed that. Coming across the line in about 20th but unfortunately being pushed back a few places leaving me in 31st out of 46 youth riders. Even though this wasn’t where I wanted to be I couldn’t complain much as it was my first proper race. Following this my second run didn’t go to plan, trying to push that little bit harder to knock those vital seconds off I crashed on the fastest section of the track loosing a lot of time, so I came across the line not expecting much and staying in the same place (31st/46). All in all a great day racing and well worth the 3 hour drive to get there!

 Pete T Bell

Joe Scutt

  Since this first race of the year I have packed in 7 further races! Including more at the Forest of Dean, a few at Tavistock Woodlands, The UK Bike Park and most recently I went to Combe Sydenham to compete in the English Champs. Leading up to this race I was more so excited than ever before, just because of the fact the I was going to be doing my first race at a challenging track, one used in the British Downhill Series. So once again it was a painfully early start to the weekend setting my alarm for 5:30am and waiting for Ben Deakin to arrive at my house and give me a lift to the venue. As we arrived the place looked fairly empty for an event of such stature, but we were optimistic about having an awesome weekend with everyone! Heading up the track to scope things out was first on the agenda for us to see what we were up against for the weekend! With the track walk completed we got to the bottom only to hear that practice wasn’t able to start until 11am making the early start pointless! With the time passing slowly more and more people arrived and among these were Trole Ind Riders ‘Pete T Bell’ and ‘Joe Scutt’. So when it finally reached 11am the first uplift was ready to go so we all headed over and got set for a great day of practicing!

Riding down for the first time was awesome fun and the organisers had set the course out amazingly; it was loose, wild, dusty and just unbelievable fun! However due to me not having much experience on tracks over 2mins I was finding it tricky to get lines drilled into my head as there were so many! My self, Joe Scutt and Pete T Bell were smashing the runs all day long in the blazing sun and having a rad time, and to add to this were all feeling really good on the bikes. The day before racing is always about having fun and going wild, and Trole Ind rider ‘Joe Scutt’ was defiantly doing this throwing the whips on the flat out table tops! After putting in a solid 6/7 runs, the majority were done for and in desperate need of some rest before doing it all again on the Sunday, so this is what we did. All choosing to camp it out like true racers we had a cool chilled out night.

RACE DAY! Crawling out the ‘tent’ (A two man pop up water leaking thing) at about 7:30am was anything but hard! The nerves and excitement all boiled up to make a great feeling and ready to race. Getting in a few warm up runs just to refresh our memories was a must, however this didn’t go brilliantly for ‘Joe Scutt’ as he well and truly bent his front wheel in the middle section of the track, which in turn shook him up a bit meaning he would have to try and get back up to his previous race pace mind set. With practice over I felt fairly good for my race run coming up and then shortly after I headed on up to the top. My first run went according to plan to a point with getting most of my lines and staying up right, and quite surprisingly coming across the line in 4th. However at the end of the day I got pushed back one and finished in 5th out of 17 which I was extremely happy with! ‘Joe Scutt’ finished in 15th out of 19 in juniors which is with out a doubt one of the toughest categories! Also ‘Pete T Bell’ got a great result in seniors 8th out of 53! So this is what’s happened so far and there is much more to come! With doing as many races as possible and also having as much fun as possible with Joe, Pete and all my mates! And for next year I'm hoping to do most of the BDS rounds, all the regional’s and get as much experience as possible!

By Ben Poole

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


The guys have teamed up with Labyrinth Bikes in what we know is going to be a great year. There is going to be so much cool stuff coming your way as these photo's should tell you.

Trole Ind Bike Team will be using the highly rated Labyrinth Minotaur, featured on the 2012 Dirt 100. 2013 will be a very exciting year for R53 and we are looking forward to working with the guys at Trole Ind developing the bikes and the brand through the year. 

We are sure they will do well and will become a regular feature on the race scene with many podiums and great race results. Their upcoming video and media projects are going to be amazing too.

Pete T Bell from Trole Industries had this to say: “This year Trole Industries Bike Team will be riding for Labyrinth Bikes. This is through the UK Distributor R53 Sport. The team consists of Pete Warner, Peter Treviss-Bell and junior rider Joe Scutt. All of the team are riding and racing downhill this year and will be at as many races as they can, always foot out and flat out having as much fun as possible. 

Everyone is looking forward to stretching the legs out and hanging off the back of the new bikes. So far it’s been smiles all round and the bikes have only been out for a couple of rides. Not only will the team be racing this season but we will also be working on some exciting video projects.

So watch this space.......”

Thursday, 25 April 2013


It all started at about 5am, my alarm went off and I knew it was time to go racing! I hauled myself out of bed at the unearthly hour of 5.05 the morning (groaning and moaning at how early it was.) Then I loaded the van and waited for team mate Pete Treviss- Bell to arrive so we could set off for the Forest of Dean (FOD).

After a smooth 2 hour journey we finally arrived.  Already at about 8.00 it was starting to look busy. We went to go and sign on and then walked the track.
The track was called (sheep skull).  The track itself looked very fun with one or two rough/Rooty sections but nothing too complex. It had a few pedaly sections involved. We then got kitted up and pushed up to the top of the hill for our practice runs. Pete and I sessioned the top two fire roads as they where the two most crucial parts of the track. After about five runs we both had the sections feeling nice. So we both rode the bottom part of the track and then did a full run.
Soon race runs started so we both headed up to the top of the track and waited for our numbers to be called. I would be first as I was a junior rider and Pete was a senior. I was called up and set off for my run I pedalled hard out of the tent,  but then my foot came off the pedal and I couldn’t get it placed back into a comfy spot. Nevertheless I still continued on with my run, pedalling everywhere and anywhere I could to try and make up any lost time. I got to the bottom on a 1.40 and felt I could try harder in the next run so I could loose a few seconds. I waited for Pete to come down on his run.  Eventually he came down on a 1.31, he said his chain fell off about mid run but still placed about 
21st in the senior category out of 100 plus riders.

We both headed back to the van and had some lunch.  Now up to the top for second race run.
I was soon called up to the line and before I knew it I was hearing the beeps. This time I kept my feet on the pedals and felt as if I was on a better run.  I hit all my lines as planned but just before the second fire road my front wheel washed out. I yanked on the breaks bringing the bike to a stop so I wouldn’t go down and tried to carry on, losing a bit of time. I pushed hard throughout the rest of the track and came down 4 tenths quicker but still wasn’t happy with how I performed as I knew I could have done so much better! I waited for Pete to come down and eventually he did but this time went 3 seconds slower as he had a mechanical right up in the top section.
We then loaded up the van and headed on home after a long day and lots of ups and downs, great track, difficult racing on a personal level but still having a laugh.

I would just like to thank Trole Industries for a great days racing and dad for driving us up to the Forest of Dean.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Rd1 of the 2013 Forest of Dean summer series race run by MIJ downhill events.

A well known location for trail riding and mini downhill race events was entering their 2nd summer series season. The location saw the dust emerging with some sort of warmth in the air as well! A rare site at the FOD from the usual damp and cold conditions we have come to expect as standard.
After the monotonous 3hour drive (4.30am start) we had arrived and ready to walk this new track, consisting of a long pedally section at the top, rough middle and uphill pedally bottom section with jumps thrown in for good measure. These jumps were very testing as after the 30 second flat sprint, your legs would be ready to drop off and collapse under the compressions! All part of it though ey?!
From the nature of the track I opted for the XC bike approach for pedaling efficiency, equipped with a dropper at the ready which I made full use of!
Practice was a great laugh with mates I hadn’t seen for a long time and considering the amount of cameras on the track we decided we had to have a play on the jumps. We sectioned the bottom jumps and got a real vibe going on. Fortunately Martin (MnDPhotography) managed to capture us in perfect synchronization!
Check out the rest here https://www.facebook.com/Ilovemndphotography. However soon after this we had to get our race heads on for the pedal that lay ahead of us.
 First race run was steady pedaling hard where I wanted and keeping it steady in the rough sections slotting into 5th position.
I felt I could easily knock a few seconds off on the following run but unfortunately my tiredness had caught up and I only managed 0.5 quicker. The times were very close and I finished up in 10th position which frustrated me as I felt I could have been on the podium, but it must only be a matter of time!
Max and Dave also finished top 10 and Lyle unfortunately had a crash ripping off his brake cover.

A thoroughly enjoyable day for most and I finished up with another 3hour drive home and chilling out watching the Moto GP whilst coughing the dust out of my lungs haha!

Pete Warner

Photo's kindly donated by

Thursday, 28 February 2013


The second in our series of shorter video's called "Shorts" This one features Peter Treviss-Bell of the Trole Ind Bike Team shot entirely on GoPro.

Monday, 14 January 2013


On these cold wet winter nights there’s no better way for riding than spending your time at the South coast's newest in door skate park, no need to worry about the darkness or miserable weather!
 The Prevail Skatehouse is open for business from 10am till late with sections to meet everyone’s needs. A large warehouse packed with spines, quarters, wall rides, rails and rhythm sections not to forget the foam pit of course.

So Pete T Bell, Joe and Pete Warner all ventured in, below are some pictures.